Check and/or Update License Key and Details

License Key and Details: This contains technical information related to your module concerning its domain, server, content, license status and license key.

To access License Key and Details;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected by using the associated dropdown menu; should more than one Active Team exist.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Configuration tab.
  • Click on License Key and Details.
  • Module Information: This includes the module name, version, DNN version, .Net Framework, Permissions, and ASP.NET identity details.
  • Current Domain: The current domain on which the Accord LMS is hosted.
  • Codebase Signature: The signature information for the server hosting domain on which the LMS resides.
  • Current Utilization: Resource utilization, Web File and SQL storage.
  • Current Counters: Displays the current number of Learning Elements and Learners within the LMS.
  • License Details: Displays information related to the Accord LMS license agreement. You can click the Request License Assistance link to email Accord LMS Support with any license questions.
  • License Key: Displays the license key information.
  • Click/Tap Update or Return to return to the top-level Configuration page.


Update License Key

  • Login as Host.
  • Use same steps as above to access your License Details.
  • Copy and Post your new license key into the field provided.
  • Click Update.

You can click the Request License Assistance link to email Accord LMS Support with any license questions.

Do not modify any parameter in the License Key box or it will disable the LMS.