Learner Resources

Requires a DNN Host or a LMS Admin Account.

Add New Page

  • From the Pages menu, click Add New Page.
Step 1 - Add New Page
  • In the Page Name text box, type Resources.
  • Navigate to the Permissions tab.
  • Under the View Page column, check the box next to Registered Users.
  • Click Add Page.

Add Learner Module

  • Navigate to Resources.
Step 2 - Add Learner Module
  • From the Modules menu, click  Add New Module.
  • Drag and Drop the LMS Learner Module to a pane on the page.


  • Navigate to Resources.
  • Navigate to Configuration.

From Available Tabs, leave only Resources checked

  • Click/Tap Update.

Create a Resource Learning Element

Resource Learning Elements are Non-SCORM Compliant resources or events. Some examples of this type of Learning Element are WebEx sessions, forums, wikis, social networking links, classroom training sessions, certificates of completion, etc. – basically anything that you access on the web or make a reference to.

  • Navigate to LMS Admin
  • Click/Tap on the LMS Learner Training folder and select New Learning Element.
  • Choose Link for Learning Element Type
  • Name the new Learning Element Complementary Study Material
  • Enter a Description for this LE
  • Select URL
  • Provide the Location of the content you want to display.
  • Click/Tap the down arrow to expand the Advanced Settings section.

For Utilization Tracking select None - Resource. By selecting this option the Learning Element status will be a Resource and will not be tracked.

  • Click/Tap Update.

Now the Resources page will display the Resources tab and only those Learning Elements marked as Resource in the Learner Module.