Learner Catalog

Requires a DNN Host or a Administrator Account.

Add New Page

  • From the Pages menu, click/tap Add New Page.
Step 1 -  Add New Page
  • In the Page Name text box, type Catalog.
  • Navigate to the Permissions tab.
  • Under the View Page column, check the box next to Registered Users.
  • Click/Tap Add Page.

Add Learner Module

  • Navigate to Catalog.
Step 2 -  Add Learner Module
  • From the Modules menu, click/tap  Add New Module.
  • Drag and Drop the LMS Learner Module to a pane on the page.


  • Navigate to Catalog
  • Click/Tap Configuration
  • From Available Tabs, leave only Catalog checked.
  • Click/Tap Update.

Now the Catalog page will display only the Catalog tab and its content from the Learner Module.

Catalog Filtering

The Accord LMS Learner Module allows you to filter the Learner’s view into the Course Catalog. From the Configuration tab, select which folder in the Course Catalog you want to filter and the maximum depth of child folders you want to present (if left blank then all child folders will be presented).

Catalog Filtering