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Configure Reports to Present Proctoring Data

To Present Proctoring Data on Reports

Once you have setup your Accord LMS to facilitate proctoring, it will be necessary to add the Proctoring Status column to Reports so that proctoring data may be documented.

To add the Proctoring Status column to Reports;

  • Wave over the LMS Admin tab to open its context menu.
  • Click on Reports.

Under Learner Activity, go to Learner Activity/Transcript with LE Detail and click on Continue.

If necessary, click on Display Columns to open this panel.

  • Under Learning Elements, check the box next to Proctoring Status
  • You may also check the box for Comments to add a report column to present proctoring comments.
  • Should you choose to display a column which reflects the Proctoring API Response, check box.

When the Report is generated, the Comments and Proctoring Status columns will now be displayed.

Reports are Now Configured to Present Proctoring Status and Comments

Please see the following article to learn how to set up a given Learning Element for Proctoring.