Getting Started - Introduction

What is the Accord LMS?

The Accord Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to deliver critical and up-to-date online training when you need it - now!  You can focus on education instead of administration. The LMS is available as a DNN Module Set or as a turn-key LMS Portal.

Accord LMS is a SCORM compliant Learning Management System. When used with rapid content creation tools, you can deliver a functional and complete training portal within days not weeks.

There are several Feature Sets (modules) available in the Accord LMS: LMS Administration, LMS Learner and LMS Reports.  This user guide focuses on the LMS Administration Module.

LMS Admin Responsibilities

As an Accord LMS Admin, it is your responsibility to set up and maintain the Learning Elements, organize and enroll Learners and utilize the various tools and configurations within the LMS Admin Module.

As an LMS Admin you can:

  • Upload and organize SCORM compliant presentations and quizzes.
  • Use the Catalog feature to build hierarchical course folders and organize content via drag and drop actions.
  • Assign Learning content to Roles and Learners with powerful enrollment functions.
  • Configure Learner presentation options and various LMS feature access.
  • Manage and communicate with your Learners and get status updates on their activity.

Other responsibilities may include determining course prerequisites, dropping Learning Roles or Learners from assigned enrollments, license administration, etc.

This guide provides overviews and step-by-step information to help you work effectively as an LMS Admin within the LMS Administration Module.