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Learning Roles - Introduction

The use of Learning Roles is an efficient and logical method of getting the right types of training to the right types of Learners.

The Learning Role Management section has its own dedicated node for easy access. By using this feature you can create and manage any Learning Roles assigned to any Learners under your supervision.

Utilizing Learning Roles is an efficient way to link specific types of learning content to specific groups of Learners.

Simply put, various types of Learning Content, referred to as Learning Elements, are assigned to and associated with various types of Learning Roles. Learners are then subsequently assigned to specific Learning Roles which then grants them access to the Learning Elements associated with their Learning Roles.

As a common use example, new hire employees can be assigned to a New Hires Training Role. Being assigned to this Role will grant them access to the specific Learning Elements (LE) associated with this Role.

What happens when training courses may change or update?

When specific Learning Elements which are associated with a given Learning Role are periodically added, updated or removed, this will simultaneously update the Learning Elements which any Role affected Learners have access to. 

Through the usage of Learning Roles, any Role associated Learners will always be kept in sync with the latest updated training.