Export Enrollment to CSV File

If an LMS Administrator desires to determine the various types of learning enrollments for various Learners, they have the option of using the Export Enrollment to CSV feature.

This feature will generate a report to gather desired data associated with the various Learning Catalog Folders or Learning Elements such as Names and Roles.

To run an Enrollment Report which is exported to a .csv file;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should more than one Active Team exist.
  • Go to the LMS Admin tab.
  • Select the Actions tab.
  • From the Learning Catalog select any Folders and or Learning Elements you wish to include in your report.
  • Expand the Teams, Roles & Learners panel.
  • From the list select any Learning Roles or Learners whose enrollments you want to verify.
  • Expand the Actions panel.
  • From the Actions menu select Export Enrollment to CSV.

After selecting Export Enrollment to CSV from the menu, the page will refresh displaying a message prompt which reads; Export all Active Team Enrollment to CSV.

Select the following parameters for your .csv report;

  • Enrollment: Select the type of enrollment from the available options. These options include any enrollments made automatically via Roles or any enrollments made from individual Learners. Select the All button to include both.
  • Type: Query Learning Elements that were enrolled either thru the Learner My Courses process or enrolled thru the Learner Catalog.
  • Team: Include any enrollments made thru the Active Team or any enrollments made thru a Parent Team. Select the All button to include both.
  • After making the report parameter selections click Submit to generate your report.

After clicking Submit a .csv report will generate which may look similar to the report shown below.