OpenSesame - The Learning Marketplace

What is OpenSesame?

OpenSesame is an online marketplace which can be used to quickly obtain and utilize various types of online training courses or activities. 

The OpenSesame course library is directly integrated with the Accord LMS Portal.

Browse and select from 20,000 different courses to get Learners trained quickly and efficiently. 

Topics can range from Hazardous Waste Disposal, Microsoft Outlook and Excel programs or courses concerning Workplace Discrimination.

The process works by selecting a number of Seats and the new courses are automatically loaded into your existing Accord LMS learning Catalog. 

Once courses are added, Learners can be immediately Enrolled and begin utilizing these courses. 

Pertaining to any added OpenSesame courses, any Accord LMS Reporting features remain exactly the same as with any of the other Learning Elements within your LMS learning Catalog.

Get Your New Courses

The following example demonstrates how to select bundles of learning material to download from OpenSesame

Content is grouped into convenient bundles which allows for the picking and choosing of specific types of Learning Content without needing to download an entire catalog of courses; significantly minimizing cost.

Before you may access the OpenSesame Marketplace, you will need to create and configure an OpenSesame Account. 

For help to configure your Accord LMS to incorporate the OpenSesame Marketplace into your Accord LMS, please refer to; OpenSesame - Configuration

To Add Courses you will Select a Course Bundle

The OpenSesame Marketplace is located near the bottom of the LMS Admin > Catalog page.

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Catalog tab.
  • Scroll near the bottom of the Catalog Page and click on the OpenSesame header to open it's panel.
  • Click Load Marketplace.

At first launch you will be prompted to Agree to Terms and Conditions of Use.

  • Check box next to Agree to Terms.
  • Click Confirm.
  • Click Get Started.
  • Select which Course bundles you want to sync.
  • Click Add to Accord LMS.

Number of Users

  • Input the number of Seats (Learners) you wish to purchase.
  • Click Checkout.

 Note: More seats can be added as needed.

Number of Users


  • Fill out payment information and click Complete Purchase.
  • The syncing process will commence immediately.
  • Once the sync process is complete, click Reload Accord Catalog. 
  • The new OpenSesame courses will immediately load into your existing Accord LMS learning Catalog.

Immediately Utilize Your New Learning Content

  • The new content is ready to be Enrolled and utilized by your Learners. 
  • Just as with any other Learning Elements, it can be dragged and dropped into any existing Learning folder within the LMS learning Catalog.

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