Learning Catalog - Introduction

Purpose of the LMS Learning Catalog

The purpose of the Learning Catalog is to organize and segment various types of learning content.

This learning content may then be accessed by various Users or Learners, whether these be individual Learners or groups of Learners.

This organization and segmentation is facilitated through the usage of Learning Paths, Courses or Folders; each of which serve primarily as hierarchical digital storage folders.

Learning Elements

The concept behind Learning Elements is straightforward. 

Any specific type of learning content is defined as a Learning Element.

Learning Elements are uploaded into the LMS Learning Catalog to be accessed by Learners or Users.

Learning Elements can be SCORM compliant presentations, quizzes, etc. or non-SCORM compliant files, URLs, high definition video or documents, etc.

The LMS Admin Module

The Accord LMS Admin Module allows you to create and organize your various types of Learning Elements within the LMS Learning Catalog

  • Start by creating a hierarchical structure of Parent and Child folders. 
  • Upload your selected Learning Elements to these folders. 

Note: The Catalog Tab may or may not be present depending on the selected Active Team.

Ensure the proper Active Team has been selected by using it's associated dropdown menu; should there be more than one Active Team.

Learning Elements can have certain conditions applied or may have supplemental information associated.

The documentation which follows will describe how to build and maintain an effective and useful LMS Learning Catalog.

Your Accord LMS Learning Catalog may initially come supplied vacant or may contain sample Learning Elements.