The Notifications section lets you select General Options, set Learner Notifications and determine Limit Warnings for various status changes and conditions. You may also create and modify Email Templates and view Available Tokens for your email templates.

To access Notifications;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Configuration tab.
  • Click on Notifications.

General Settings

  • “From” Email Address: Type in the email address the notifications will be sent from. If no email is provided, the site Admin email address will be used.
  • SMTP Server and Port: Review Host > Host Settings > Advanced Settings for additional SMTP Server Settings.
  • Enable LMS Email: Select this option to enable messages to be sent from this Portal. If this is not checked, all outbound email will be disabled.
  • Email Batch Period: Type in the number (in minutes) when you want the notifications sent out. A scheduled task will run at this frequency and send all queued notifications. A period set to 0 or left blank will result in all email notifications being sent immediately.
  • Email Batch Quantity: Type in the number of emails per batch. Emails are queued and sent out in batches via a scheduled task and will use this number for the amount of emails per batch. Leave this field blank if you want all the notices to be sent out at the same time. This setting affects ALL LMS on ALL portals.
  • Portal Alias: Select the portal alias to be used from the list. This will be used to generate the URLs inside the emails.
General Settings

Learner Notifications

  • LE Enrollment: Send notification to Learners when Enrolled or Dropped, by self or by an LMS Admin, to a Learning Element.
  • Session Registration: This will send a notification to the user  who has been Registered to a Session, whether by self or by an LMS Admin.
  • LE Attempts: Select the type of Learning Element attempt notifications to send to ALL Learners utilizing the content in this LMS Admin Module.
  • Conditions Satisfied: Select this option to send a notice if all Conditions are satisfied for All LE or for a Specific LE.
  • Learner Comments: Send notifications when Learners leave Comments for a Learning Element.  Requires SCO support for Comment input.