Delivery Schedule

Once Definitions have been created, the defined reports can be scheduled for delivery. The scheduler can be set up to generate and export the report (as a file) and email it to all selected LMS Admin Profiles.

Creating a Delivery

To create a new delivery Schedule;

  • Select the definition you want to create the delivery schedule for from the dropdown list.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Add New Delivery.
  • Confirm that the Definition has been saved prior to editing deliveries.
  • The Delivery Schedule - Details window will open.
  • Delivery Name: Enter a name for the new delivery in the field provided.
  • Active: Use this check-box to specify if the Delivery is Active or not. (checked by default)
  • Date Range: Specify the Date Range of the Report by selecting one of the options available in the drop-down.
  • Export Format: Specify the file format of the delivered report.
  • Frequency: Specify the frequency of the delivery by entering the number of Day(s), Week(s) or Month(s).
  • Start Date: This is, by default, the date the definition is created and it will be used to calculate when the report will be delivered taking into account the selected frequency. You can change this by clicking the calendar  icon and choosing another date.
  • Time of Day: Specify the Time of Day when you want this delivery to be executed. Use the drop-down to select from 00:00  23:30 (default value is 00:00)
  • Next Delivery Due: (read-only) Shows when the date and time when the next Delivery is scheduled based on the selection made in Frequency field. This date is actually when the first report of the series, will be sent.
  • Deliver to Team LMS Admins: Specify to which Teams this Scheduled Report will be delivered to by checking the boxes next to each Team. The Report to be delivered will be generated containing only those Learners that are member of the selected Team.
  • Deliver to Email Addresses: Provide a comma separated list of email addresses this scheduled definition will be delivered to. The Report to be delivered will be generated for the Team that owns the Report Definition. The Definition Owner can be seen in the Definition Details section.
  • Quick-test Email Address: Enter an email address to send a quick test of the current Report Definition. The report will be created using your current Active Team. In this example it will be for team All Members. To proceed with the test, click Send.
  • Click Update to save the Delivery Schedule and return to the Definitions screen.

The Delivery will be listed under Delivery Schedule showing some details like Name, Active (check-box checked), Frequency, Next Delivery and Teams.

Editing a Delivery Schedule

To edit a delivery schedule:

  • Click the pencil icon next to it.
Editing a Delivery Schedule
  • The Delivery Schedule Details window will open.
  • Modify the desired items.
  • Click Update to save the changes and return to Definitions screen.

Copy a Delivery Schedule

  • Click the pencil icon next to it.
Copy a Delivery Schedule
  • The Delivery Schedule  Details window will open.
  • Give the copied Definition an unique name.
  • Click Copy.
  • A Copy of the Definition will be created with all the same settings as the original.

Deleting a Delivery Schedule

To delete a delivery:

  • Click the pencil  icon next to it.
Deleting a Delivery Schedule
  • The Delivery Schedule - Details window will open.
  • Click Delete.
  • A confirmation dialog saying Are you sure you want to delete this Report Delivery? will display.
  • Click Yes.