The Calendar section allows an LMS Admin to configure the Calendar tab for the Learner Module's presentation.

To Access Calendar;

  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the My Courses tab.
  • While in the My Courses tab, click on the Configuration tab.

Scroll down and click on the Calendar heading to open this section.

Learner Module: Use the associated dropdown menu to select which Learner Module the Calendar will redirect to.

Mode: Use the dropdown menu to select which Calendar components to present.

  • Calendar and List: Selecting Calendar and List will display the Calendar, the Today button and the List of selected dates. This is typically used on a dedicated Calendar Tab or Page. Date selections from the Calendar will populate the List.  It may also be used as a target from Calendar Only.
  • Calendar Only: Shows only the Calendar control. Selecting Calendar Only will redirect to a specific Calendar with List. This can be useful to place as a widget anywhere on the site, such as the home page.

Maximum Height: Select the Maximum Height for the Calendar List. If the listed items exceed this height, a vertical scroll bar will be provided.

Number of Days: Select how many days, starting with today, which should be selected by default. Value can be from 0 to 50.

Features of Calendar and List;

  • Completed Enrollment or Sessions are removed from the Calendar (no green dates).
  • Not Started and In Progress (future) Due Dates are shown in blue.
  • Past Due dates are shown in yellow. Past due Sessions are not shown regardless of Completion status.
  • The Open button redirects to My Courses.
  • The Sessions button redirects to My Courses.
  • If no Redirection, Today will be shown by default when opening.
  • If Redirected from a Calendar Only – the selection in both Calendar and List will be shown.

Typical Calendar and List Image.

Typical Calendar only image.