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Recalculate Folder Attempt Records

There is a potential for the registered progress of given Learners within a specific Learning Catalog Folder to not properly update on occasion. This condition may sometimes occur after the completion of certain quizzes or presentations. 

Whenever this situation may present, an LMS Administrator can recalculate the Folders Attempt Records to force the progress bar to accurately display the level of progress or completion.

On the top left in the image below is a bar graph which represents a given Learner's training progress as being 0% when it should truly reflect a higher percentage.

The following example will take you through the necessary steps to properly recalculate and update training progress. 

This process is called Recalculate Folder Attempts.  

To Recalculate Folder Attempts;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should more than one Active Team exist.
  • Go to the LMS Admin tab.
  • Select the Actions tab.
  • Select any Folders desired for progress recalculation.
  • Expand the Teams, Roles & Learners panel.
  • All Team Members: check box to include All your Team Members or leave it unchecked to select specific Learning Roles and or Learners.
  • If opting to leave the box for All Team Members unchecked, select any Learning Roles and or Learners desired to recalculate attempt records for.
  • After making selections from above, open the Actions panel.
  • Select Recalculate Folder Attempt Records from the Action Panel menu.

After selecting Recalculate Folder Attempt Records from the Action panel menu, the page will refresh displaying a confirmation message which reads; Are you sure you want to Recalculate Folder Attempt for the selected Folders to the selected Team Members, Learning Roles and/or Learners?

  • Click Yes.

After clicking Yes the page will refresh and display a message which reads; Recalculate the Completion Status and Score of the selected Folders. This process may take a few minutes to finalize updates.

  • Click Submit.

After clicking Submit the system conducts the update. After updating a message will display which reads; (X) Folder Attempt Records were Updated successfully.

  • Click Ok to close message.

After completing this process when using the Recalculate Folder Attempts feature, the LMS Learner Training bar graph will now reflect the proper percentage of progress or completion (as illustrated below).