Adding New Chart Modules

This article only applies to Accord LMS clients with self-hosted installations.

Initial Set-Up

A Chart Module added to a page within the Accord LMS portal is necessary to create charts.

Your Accord LMS portal may have come with a Chart Module already installed.

Each chart requires a separate Chart Module.  Example; five charts require five Chart Modules.

Adding a Chart Module requires portal admin permissions.

SaaS clients wanting to add a Chart Module, or clients requiring assistance, should contact Accord LMS support thru email at;


Please follow the instructions below for Chart Module installation instructions.

Create a New Page

A Chart Module is commonly added to a new page within the LMS Admin tab, so that it may be conveniently accessed from there.

  • While logged in with LMS Admin permissions, wave over the Admin tab in the upper DNN menu.
  • Click on Page Management.
Create a New Page
  • Wave over LMS Admin.
  • Right Click and select Add Page.
  • Type Charts into the field provided, then click Create Page(s).
  • From there you will be allowed to set various settings, although you may just select Update Page.

Now Charts will display in your LMS Admin tab menu.

Add a New Chart Module

  • Open the page where you choose to place a Chart Module.
  • Scroll to the top DNN menu and wave over Modules.
  • Select Add New Module.
Add a New Chart Module
  • Scroll through the modules until you see the LMS Chart Module.
  • Wave over the LMS Chart Module to highlight, then drag and drop into the main pane (a blue-hued rectangle) in the page below.

Initially, it will look like this, and will need to be Configured before a chart can display.