LMS Education Activities

Administrators are responsible for configuring the Accord LMS with the necessary Education Activities, Activity Points and Badges to enable any Accord gaming features.

Education Activities

The first step is to create Education Activities appropriate for your training content. 

Each Education Activity will automatically create a Gaming Activity of the same name that can be used to award Badges. 

Gaming Activity and Badge management are discussed in the next section.

To create an Education Activity;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Configuration tab.
  • Click on Education Activities.
  • Click on Add New Education Activity.
  • Name: Enter the name of the Education Activity.
  • Status: Select if the Education Activity will be Active or Inactive.
  • Gaming Activity: Select if this Education Activity will create a Gaming Activity which will have the exact same name.
  • Description: Add a description if desired.
  • Click Update to save.

Management of Education Activities

Any LE can award Education Activities based upon your selected criteria.

To manage Education Activities;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Catalog tab.
  • Click on the Learning Element you wish to manage the Education Activities for to open it's context menu.
  • From the menu click on LE Details.

In the LE Details panel, scroll down and click on the Education Activities heading to open this section if necessary.

Award Requirements will determine the requirements necessary for any Learners to receive the designated award for this particular Learning Element. 

From the Award Requirements dropdown menu, you can select from Complete, Pass, Complete or Pass, or Complete and Pass.

In the field next to the Title of the Education Activity;

  • Enter the number of points you wish to award for this Educational Activity.
  • Click Update.

Should you choose to change this value at some point in the future, simply repeat the steps above to re-enter the Education Activities panel, change the value in the field and click Update.

Editing Points for any Education Activities Already Awarded for a given ILT Session

Should you desire to edit the points already awarded for an Education Activity for a given ILT session (Instructor Led Training), please follow these steps;

  • Go to the ILT session you wish to edit the points for and right click on it. A context menu will display.
  • Select Session Roster.

This will bring up the Session Roster.

  • Under Points click on View.

This will bring up the current points awarded for any completed Education Activities.

  • Edit points as necessary.
  • Click Update to save changes.

Any edits will now reflect under this User's Education Activities accrued points.