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Learner Experience - Earning Points and Badges

Education Activity Points

You can create any type or number of Education Activities for your training material.

Learners earn Activity Points by successfully completing Learning Elements that have been associated with Points. 

Learning Elements (LE) will have their associated Activities and Points listed within their details. 

Learner's may access these details from My Courses or Electives

Once the LE is completed the points are awarded. 

Activity points are then used for Badges and Leaderboards.


Badges are recognition for a given competency. 

Systematically speaking, a Badge is a visual award for accumulating the type and number of Activity Points required to earn a particular Badge. 

Badges are normally used to indicate that a specific certification has been met, a competency has been earned or that the Learner has completed a certain task worthy of acknowledgment.

When a given Learner completes the assigned training necessary to earn a specific number of points required for a certain badge, a Badge 'toast' notification will popup in the top right corner of their screen.