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GoToWebinar and GoToTraining Integration


Citrix's GoToWebinar and GoToTraining training software enables your organization to present your learners with live instructor led training courses and webinars. Both tools are focused on sharing exclusive knowledge and content for each student. The Accord LMS uses the advantages of both tools and integrates them to provide LMS Admin and instructors with all of the features provided by the GoToTraining and GoToWebinar applications.*

*Since the procedure to integrate both GoToTraining and GoToWebinar sessions into the Accord LMS are the same, we will use GoToWebinar as a reference for both.

In order for you to use GoToWebinar or GoToTraining, you must have an active account for each. In order to use the apps as described below, you will also need an active developer account.

GoToWebinar User Account Setup

If you already have a user and developer account established for GoToWebinar, please continue to the Add a New App section. If you do not have these accounts, please follow the steps below carefully.

  • Navigate to GoToWebinar.
  • Fill in required information and click on Start My Free 14-Day Trial.

Developer Account Setup

If you were already logged into you might be automatically logged in, if not, login with the same account information that you used to register previously.

One developer account will work for both GoToMeeting and GoToTraining. It is not necessary to have a separate developer account for each.

Add a New App

Once signed in, click on My Apps.

  • Click Add a new app.

Fill in the App Name and Description fields with significant values, this will be displayed to LMS Admins when they link the App to their Accord LMS module.  The Application URL must match your site or integration will not work.

  • Click Create App

You cannot use a GoToTraining application for GoToWebinar sessions or vice-versa.  Make sure that the Integration Application you are creating has the proper Product API selected.

Once the new app is created, check for the Consumer Key.

  • Click on your App name in the list (in this example we use Webinar demo).

The Consumer Key is shown along with some other data.  Only the Consumer Key is relevant for now so please copy and paste it somewhere safe.

GoToWebinar VILT Location

Once the previous steps for the Citrix site are complete, we will proceed and create a Virtual Instructor Led Training Location for this webinar.

  • Log in to your site and navigate to LMS Admin > Configuration > Resources.

Under Locations:

  • Click/Tap Add New Location.
  • Name this new location > GoToWebinar
  • In Location Type, select Virtual - GoToWebinar, from the drop-down menu.

The screen refreshes and a new Consumer Key field will be shown.

  • Paste the Consumer Key (copied in the previous step) in the field provided.
  • Team Availability: Select which Teams can use this Location. This is mandatory for creating the location.
  • Click/Tap on Link with your GoToWebinar account to link this Location with your account.

A Confirm Save Location dialog box saying: Linking requires for your Location to be saved. If you proceed your Location will be saved with the current values.

  • Click/Tap Yes.

You will be prompted to authorize the Integration Application to access your GoToWebinar account (profile data). This will allow the application to register Learners for your GoToWebinar sessions on your behalf.

  • Click on Allow.

You need to use a unique account to link each location.  Make sure that the account that you are using is not already linked to other location.

A message will display stating that your Location has been linked correctly.

The Connection Status field will be updated and display that your application will remain connected for around 30 days.

Create a webinar

Navigate to and Sign In using your registered user account credentials.  

This must be a different account from the one used on Citrix’s developer site.

  • Click on Schedule a webinar.

Fill in the webinar details, including Title, Description, Type, Start Date, Start Time, End Time, Time Zone and Language.

  • Click/Tap Schedule
  • Copy the last digits of the Browser's URL. Not the Registration URL.

Create a New Session

Now we will create a new VILT session.

  • Navigate to LMS Admin > Catalog
  • Click/Tap on an ILT Learning Element and select LE Sessions from the context menu.
  • Click/Tap Add New Session.
  • Fill your session fields and select the GoToWebinar Location you created from the drop-down menu. Be sure to select an Instructor.

A new field will appear under the Location drop-down menu, asking for the GoToWebinar Registration URL Key.

  • Paste the digits copied from the Browser's URL.
  • Click/Tap Update.

Your new GoToWebinar Session is ready to use.

You can use the same GoToWebinar location for all of your ILT Sessions.

Each Location can only be associated with a single GoToWebinar Account.  If you would like to support multiple GoToWebinar accounts, you will need to create a Location for each account.

You must create different Locations and Integration Applications for GoToTraining and GoToWebinar.  Due to limitations in the APIs, they are not interchangeable.