Session Roster

A Session Roster is a list of all Learners who are registered for a particular Instructor Led Training (ILT) session.

To access the ILT Session Roster;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team  is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Go to the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Catalog tab.
  • Click on the desired ILT Session and select Session Roster from it's context menu.

The Session Roster screen displays.

Learners registered for this session will displayed in this list along with their Registered Status.

The LMS Admin can also update the Learner Status to In Progress if the session has not yet been finished or Completed if the session has been successfully accomplished.  You can also delete any Learner registration by changing the Status to Not Registered.  Any changes made to the Session Roster will reflect in Learners' My Courses.

When the status is set to In Progress or Completed, the Score and the Pass/Fail columns become active.  These columns allow LMS Admin to send either a Passed or Failed flag to the Learner registered for this session, along with their session score.  Status Date may be changed to match the completion date.

Filtering and grouping options are available to assist in viewing data in a preferred format.  

  • Drag and drop a column header to the upper box of the grid to preferably group data.

More than one column header may be dragged upwards to group data.

Once completing any desired changes;

  • Click Save Data

A message will display confirming that: All checked row data has been successfully saved.

  • Click Ok.
  • Include Available Candidates: When checking this box, the form refreshes to include all Candidates.  Candidates are all Enrolled Learners who were not formerly selected.

As an LMS Admin, you may register any available candidate and/or change their status from Registered, Completed or In Progress (any status with an attempt record).

  • Click Save Data

Clipboard Candidates

This function might be useful when an LMS Admin registers Learners to an ILT Session and the list of available learners is numerous.

  • Select the learners you want to copy to your clipboard.
Clipboard Candidates
  • Click Copy to Clipboard button.

A confirmation dialog asks you to: Copy currently selected Learners to the Clipboard?

  • Click Yes

A message confirms that: Currently selected Learners successfully copied to the Clipboard.

  • Click Ok.
  • Check the box next to Include Clipboard Candidates. This will display all those learners that were copied to the clipboard along with the Clipboard Status.
  • Use the Status dropdown to change the status to Registered for the desired learners to this ILT Session.
  • Click Save Data

Send Message to Roster

By using this option you can send messages to Learners registered to a session.

  • Select the checkbox next to the Learners you want to send a message to.
Send Message to Roster

The Send Message to Roster window displays:

Provide the required information along with the information message to your Learners.

  • Click Send

A Message will inform you that the notices were successfully sent.

  • Click Ok

Exporting a Session Roster

You can export the Session Roster list in PDF, Excel and RAW data .csv file.  

Exporting a Session Roster

All the filtering and grouping customization applied will be reflected in the exported file or printed version.

Learner List

The Learner List is an easy method to determine which Learners or Users have been enrolled to a given Instructor Led Training (ILT) session.

Right Clicking on a given ILT session will bring up it’s context menu. Click on Learner List to display enrolled Learners or Users. The Learner List will help you to determine, not only who is enrolled, but which method they were enrolled through.

The Learner List shows the enrolled Learners, to include Enrollment Type, Folder Title, Role name and Team. You have the ability to drag a column header to the top row in order to preferably group.

Filtering a Learner List

You have the option of filtering a Learner List to find information you are seeking more easily.

As an example of filtering, we will assume we are searching for a specific username which is known to contain 'nelson'.

  • Under Username; enter the text 'nelson'.
  • Hover mouse over filter icon to open dropdown list.
  • Click Contains

The list will refresh, showing only those usernames containing 'nelson'.