SCORM Specifications

Certified Authoring Tools

The Accord LMS is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant for Shareable Content Objects (SCO) and can utilize any content produced by a modern SCORM authoring tool. This list below is just a sample of the most popular tools.

Certified Authoring Tools


SCORM is a communications protocol, a set of specific messages that can be passed, between a Shareable Content Object (SCO) and the LMS.

Most SCORM implementations are fairly complete in terms of basic grading. For example, all SCOs provide enough information to understand both the discrete answer score and the cumulative score. Most authoring tools will produce SCORM quizzes that provide both the Question text and the Answer text. Accord recommends you user test a trial version of any authoring tool to make sure it is reporting all the information you need to evaluate both your learners and the content you are creating.

There is an aspect of SCORM compliance that concerns curriculum and SCO sequencing. The Accord LMS does not support multiple SCO within a single package. Instead it provides curriculum and sequencing features within the Accord LMS catalog. This results in more granular and independent SCOs with greater re-purposing value.

The best way to test the performance of your authoring tools and the output SCO is to utilize the free SCORM conformance testing and reporting tool at Create a free account and upload your SCO.

Success and Completion Status

SCORM has two fields to gauge SCO result status: Success and Completion. The Accord LMS provides the ability to customize Learning Element Types. Learning Element Types support the following options:

  • Success over Completion (default)
  • Completion and Success (show both statuses)
  • Completion Only
  • Success Only

The Accord LMS can report these values separately, or as a merged, single status using the Success over Completion logic:

  • If there is Success status, show it.
  • If there is no Success status and there is Completion status, show Completion status.
  • If there is no Success or Completion status, show Not Started.

Most eLearning SCO do not report Success status, so we only show Completion status. The default setting of Success over Completion is therefore appropriate for most presentations and quizzes.

Resuming Incomplete Quizzes

Some Sharable Content Objects (SCO) provides Learners the option to resume a quiz that was attempted earlier but incomplete. This is how the process works: When a Learner closes a SCO, the SCO reports to the LMS whether it was completed or not AND sends all the question and answer (Q&A) data to the LMS. The LMS stores the Q&A data to its database. The next time the Learner launches the same SCO, the LMS has the intelligence to inform the SCO to resume and also sends the SCO all the previous Q&A data. The SCO may ask the Learner if they want to resume or start again; force the SCO to restart at the beginning, or force the SCO to resume.

What happens next varies with the different authorware tools. Some examples:



  • Start Again - The SCO starts at the beginning, but all of the previous Q&A are restored. The final result set is now mixed and corrupted.
  • Resume - The SCO resumes at the correct location with the previous Q&A restored. This is appropriate behavior.
  • Note Articulate 09 has output setting to allow the LMS to force a resume. Please refer to the SCO Publishing Options section below.


  • Start Again - The SCO starts at the beginning. None of the previous Q&A are restored. This is appropriate behavior.
  • Resume - The SCO resumes at the correct location and the previous Q&A are restored internal to the SCO but not in the Learner UI. Although the Learner cannot see their old answers, the final reporting works fine.


  • Start Again - The SCO starts at the beginning. None of the previous Q&A are restored. This is appropriate behavior.
  • Resume - The SCO resumes at the correct location but the previous Q&A are not restored internal to the SCO or in the Learner UI. The final result set is now “mixed” and corrupted.


To address the different ways SCO handle resuming, the LMS Admin >> Configuration >> Learning Element Type settings include an option to No Resume. This option causes the LMS to disallow Q&A restoration and forces all incomplete quizzes to restart at the beginning.