The Transcript panel within the Accord LMS Learner module is where the various options for recording and documenting Learners' Transcripts are managed. 

To Access Transcripts;

  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the My Courses tab.
  • While in the My Courses tab, click on it's Configuration tab.
  • Once in Configuration, scroll down to Transcripts and open it's panel by clicking on the heading.

Folder Status: Use the associated dropdown menu to select the type of Folder Status you want to include for top level Course reports. 

You can select from Current, Last Archived, All Archived or Current and All Archived.

LE Attempts: Use the associated dropdown menu to select the type of Attempts to include within the report. You can include All Attempts, Best Attempts, Last Attempts, Completed Attempts or First Completed Attempts.

Role Status: Using the associated buttons, select the status of the Learning Roles you wish to include in the report. 

You may select from Pending Roles (Pending Roles are those Roles which have been set to be active at some point in the future), Active Roles or Expired Roles

Status: Select the status of the Learning Elements (LE) you wish to include in the report.

  • Completion Status: Select from Complete, In Progress or Not Attempted.
  • Success Status: Select from Passed, Failed or Any.

Include Archived (LE Attempts): Checking this box will include all archived records.

Enabled Folders: Select which folders the Transcript report will be made available to.

  • All: Includes all content in the Learner Catalog. 
  • Selected: Only checked folders will display.
  • Include Pass Through Folders in top level Transcript: Optionally, Pass Through folders may be displayed in the top level Transcript.

Completion Date Range: Using the associated dropdown menu, select the Date Range you wish to utilize for the Transcript.

Folder Transcript Columns: Select the columns you wish to present in the Transcript by checking their affiliated boxes.

Scroll to bottom and click Update to save any changes.

Image of sample transcript below.