General Settings

To access General Settings for the Learner Module;

  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the My Courses tab.
  • While on the My Courses tab, click on the Configuration tab.
  • General Settings will be on the top.

General Settings

Learner Module: This is the module ID for this Learning Module.

Tab ID: This is the tab ID for this Learning Module.

Admin Module: Select the specific LMS Admin Module to select which catalog will be the source of the Learning Elements for your Learners. 

This selected LMS Admin Module will track your Learner’s attempts and provide your utilization reports.

If you happen to change the LMS Admin Module, the Learning Elements catalog will be disconnected but all the data and reports will still be available from the former LMS Admin Module. 

Should ypu so choose, at some point you can revert back to the original LMS Admin Module and access the original Learner Catalog and Learner assignments.

Host accounts can attach the Learner module to any LMS Admin Module on the same DNN installation (codebase) even if on a different portal. A central LMS Admin Module Catalog repository can serve content to any number of client portals. This arrangement will facilitate your distribution channels and franchise networks.

Please note; all Accord LMS Modules will only operate within the specific domains allowed by your license.

Parent Folder: Select a folder from the list to use as a filter for the Learner Catalog.

Maximum Depth: Enter a number to determine how many levels (folder deep) to display in the Learner Catalog. Leave blank for unlimited.

Show Tab Bar: Select this option to Show or Hide the Learner Tab Bar.

  • When selected, all enabled tabs are presented, even if only one tab is selected.
  • If not selected, all tabs will be hidden, even if all tabs enabled.

Available Tabs: Select which tabs to display to your Learners.

Maintain Drill Down State: Maintain Folder Drill Down State between page visits. If not maintained, folders will reset each new page visit.

GoToWebinar / GoToTraining Trace: Create a trace of GoToWebinar / GoToTraining registrations.

Attempts: Use the associated dropdown menu to select the attempt status you want to display in My Courses and archive for the Learning Elements. The available option are; Best, Last, Last Completed, First Completed.

Show Active Team: Selecting this option will display the Active Team dropdown menu to the current user.

Show Active Learner: Display the Active Learner search box for LMS Admins with Active Learner Selection enabled. For more information please refer to the LMS Admin Types chapter of this guide.

Learner Module Refresh: Choose what refreshing actions will be taken as Learner Module Refresh.

Back Button Support: Select if Back button can be used to navigate to the previous folder. This Requires full page refresh when changing folders. It is suggested for Mobile use. It is not fully compatible with Modal Window.

Use Popup For Mobile: Use a pop-up window if the modal window size is larger than the browser window.

Access and Tracking: Select which User account will be used to determine access and tracking. These Conditions do not apply to Proxy Users. 

  • Current User:  A current (logged in) user account determines what content is presented (depending on the Current User enrollment) and tracks all utilization to that user account. This requires the current user to be logged in.
  • Proxy User: A Proxy user account determines what content is presented (depending on the Proxy User enrollment) and tracks all utilization to that proxy user account. This does NOT require the current user to be logged in. This setting is good for presenting sample courses or public surveys.
  • Proxy User Name: Enter a valid Username ID to be used for access and tracking purposes.

Interval (in seconds) to send extra commits: Optionally specify an interval in seconds for sending a commit. Leave blank for no extra commits.

For more information on the Proxy User feature, please read our Blog article: Learner Module – Anonymous Access.