Reports - Configuration

The Reports Configuration tab allows you to configure the information to be displayed in the Activity tab.

  • Wave over the LMS Admin tab and click on the Reports tab.
  • Once inside the Reports tab, click on the Configuration tab.
  • Admin Module: Select an LMS Admin Module for the source of the Learning Elements to be reported. If you change the LMS Admin Module, the Learning Elements will change as well but no data will be lost.
  • Show Tab Bar: If unchecked no Tab Bar will be shown.
  • Available Tabs: Select which tabs will be shown. This option only works if Show Tab Bar is active.
  • Activity Period: Select the Dashboard Report Period from the options available in the drop-down.
  • Activity Count: Select the maximum number of items listed for each Dashboard report.
  • Hide Active Team: If checked this option hides the Active Team if there is only one Team available for the current User.
  • Click Update to save changes.