ILT Learning Elements

Accord supports Instructor Led Training (ILT) sessions to offer instructor-led teaching options. 

Each ILT can have single or multiple Sessions.

Each Session has a Learner Roster which can be used for quick Learner status updates.

ILT is a form of Learning Element. 

For more information explaining the various types of Learning Elements, please see; Learning Elements.

To add a new Instructor Led Training (ILT) Learning Element;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Navigate to LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Catalog tab.
  • Locate the folder where you want to add the new ILT to open it's context menu.
  • Select Add Learning Element from menu.
  • Select Instructor Led Training.
  • Name: (required) Enter a name for the ILT Learning Element.
  • Description: Enter an optional description.
  • Click Update to save and create the new ILT Learning Element.

After update your newly created ILT Learning Element will now display in the folder it was created in.

Advanced Settings

If necessary, click heading to open Advanced Settings.

  • Learning Element Type: You can use the dropdown menu to change the Learning Element Type. Changing the LE Type will result in the loss of the Learning Element detail settings, but will not affect Enrollments, Attempt Records or any Education Activities, should they exist.
  • LEID: This is the unique identification string (made up of alpha and numeric characters) assigned to the Learning Element once it has been added to the Catalog. It is used to identify the Learning Element. Initially the LEID is always n/a.
  • Local ID: This is the value of a local Learning Element auto increment field and a unique value within the portal assigned to a Learning Element after creation. Initially it will be n/a.
  • Reference: This is an optional reference field typically for administrative use. It may be left blank.
  • Status: Active status allows this Learning Element to be used by Learners. Inactive status will hide this Learning Element from Learners, though it will still be visible to LMS Admin.
  • Multiple Session Registration: If checked, allows Learners to be registered for multiple sessions.
  • Views: This will display the number of views for this learning element. Always begins at zero.
  • Publish Date: Enter a publish date in the provided field. This ILT Learning Element will only be available to Learners beginning on this date. You may click the calendar link to select a date. If left blank, will be available immediately.
  • Unpublish Date: This Learning Element will stop being displayed to Learners on this date. You may click the calendar link to select a date.
  • Tags (separated by commas): Type in words or phrases to identify this ILT Learning Element to help Learners locate when using the search function. Separate each word or entire phrase by a comma.

Click Update to save settings for this ILT Learning Element.

Education Activities

Click on Education Activities heading to open panel.

  • Award Requirements: Use dropdown menu to specify the necessary requirements for Learners to qualify for any Education Activities awards. The potential choices are Complete, Pass, Complete or Pass, Complete and Pass.
  • Education Units: Total Amount of Education Units to be awarded to Learners. Standard Education Units are available in reports.
  • Click Update to save any setting changes for this ILT Learning Element.

Please Note; The Proper Workplace Conduct field displayed in the image below is only a sample type of Education Activity of which many types can be added.

For help documentation to add new types of Education Activities, please link to; Education Activities