Learner Management

Create and manage Learner-User accounts under your supervision.  

To Access Learner Management:

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Teams tab. 
  • Expand the desired Team and click on Learners to open it's context menu.
  • Select Learner Management from menu.

The Learner Management panel will display.

All current Learners for this Team will be listed alphabetically here.

There are various Learner management options you can perform from this panel, to include;

Create a New User Account

  • Click Add New User.

The MEMBERS DETAILS panel will display.

In the MEMBER DETAILS panel, any fields with red asterisk are required.

Hovering a mouse over information icons will provide helpful information.

Only information within the top Add New User section is necessary to add User.

Many fields require only basic information. 

Information for any fields or features which may require some further explanation is covered just below.  

Any information within the lower Edit Profile fields are optional.

  • Authorize: Activate the User's permissions.
  • Notify: By checking this box, whenever a new User is added, an email notification will be sent to the specific email address which was entered just above.
  • Random Password: If this box is checked, a Random Password will be generated for this User. Optionally, you may create a custom password for this User in the following fields.
  • Password: Create a password for this User which they will use to login to the LMS. This password is case sensitive.
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter password in this field to confirm accuracy.
  • Available Roles: Place a check in the box next to any specific Roles you want to initially assign to this User. Any of the available Roles which are listed here are determined by the current selected Active Team.
  • Click Add New User near bottom to create the User account.  

Edit a User Account

  • Click the pencil icon next to the User you wish to edit.

When the page refreshes you will see the associated fields which you can review or edit for this User’s account.

Use tabs located at the top of the panel in order to access and edit this User's Credentials, Roles, Password and Profile.

  • Please ensure to click Update to save any changes.

Delete a User account

There are two delete options for deleting any User, a temporary (soft-delete), or a permanent (hard-delete). A soft-deleted User can be easily restored. A hard-deleted User is permanently deleted from the LMS. 

Any hard-delete first requires a soft-delete.

To soft-delete a User;

  • Click the pencil icon next to the User you wish to delete.

The page will refresh and display the MEMBER DETAILS panel.

  • Click Delete.

The screen will refresh, now showing this User's information grayed out, representing it stands in a soft-delete status.

Restore a Soft-Deleted User

To restore any soft-deleted User;

  • Click the grayed-out restore arrow next to the grayed-out User you wish to restore.

Permanently (Hard) Delete a User

To hard-delete any User, the User must first be in soft-delete status.

Once a User is already in a grayed-out, soft-delete status;

  • Click the cross (X) icon next to the grayed-out User.

Manage Roles for User

Any LMS Learning Content is enrolled to specific Learning Roles. 

These Roles are further assigned to Learners, thereby granting them access to a given Role's associated Learning Content.

To Manage Roles for a User: 

  • Click the shield icon next to the desired User.

When the page refreshes, you will see various options for managing User Roles.

  • Select a Role from the associated dropdown list. The Roles available to select from will be determined by the Active Team.
  • Renewal Count: Select the number of times the role has been renewed.
  • Activation Date (optional): Specify the date this Role Assignment should start (optional). Entering no value will make the Role immediately active.
  • Start Date (optional): The Start Date is the date this Role will become active for this User. On this date this User will begin to have access to the Role's associated Learning content. If no Start Date is entered the Role will become immediately active for this User.
  • Due Date (optional): A Due Date is a date in which this Role will become inactive for this User. On a Due Date, this User will no longer have access to the Learning Content associated with this Role. If no date is entered, the user will have continued access to any Learning Content associated with this Role.
  • Expiration Date (optional): Specify the date this Role Assignment will expire. Entering no value will indicate no Expiration Date.
  • Re-Activation Date (optional)Specify a date this User Role assignment will re-activate. A re-activation date typically comes into play when you do not want a Role to be currently active but do want the Role to re-activate at a date in the future. Entering no value will indicate no re-activation date.
  • Send Notification (optional): check box if you want to send this User a notification to inform them of the Role change.

After making desired selections click Add Role to User. This Role will be added to the list of Roles assigned to this User.

  • To easily un-assign any Role from any user, click the red X next to the Role to be removed.

Modify Learner Status

To Modify Learner Status;

  • Click the Learners icon next to the desired User.

A pop-up window will display where you can review this User's various statuses.

  • Learner: Un-checking this box will negate the active Learner status for this User.
  • LMS Admin Type: These represent any LMS Admin Types this User holds permissions for.
  • Learner's Teams: Teams listed here are Teams this User belongs to.

Add or Edit a User's Assigned LMS Admin Types

Assign, edit or remove any LMS Admin Type permissions for any User on your Team.

  • Click the Admin icon next to the desired user.

The Team Member Status panel will display.

  • Add, edit or remove any User's LMS Admin Type permissions by clicking on the associated button.
  • Click Update to save any changes.

Learner Account Merge

Periodically it may be necessary to merge or consolidate two separate Learner accounts under one single account. 

To Merge Accounts;

  • Ensure the proper larger Active Team is selected by using the associated dropdown menu; should more than one Active Team exist.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Teams tab. 
  • Expand the desired Team and click on Learners to open it's context menu.
  • Select Learner Management from menu.

The Learner Management panel will display. 

  • Click on Merge Users.

The Select and Merge Users window will open.

  • Source User: enter the username of the User you wish to gather data from.
  • Destination User: enter the username of the User you wish to merge the gathered data into.
  • Roles: check this box to merge Roles from the Source User to the Destination User. PLEASE NOTE: though any existing Roles will merge, any particular enrollments to specific Learning Folders or specific Learning Elements that may have occurred will not merge.
  • Teams: check this box to merge Teams from the Source User to the Destination User.
  • Attempts: check this box to merge Attempts from the Source User and add them to the existing Attempts of the Destination User.
  • LMS Admin Types: check this box to merge any Admin Types from the Source User to the Destination User.
  • After making your appropriate selections click Merge.