LMS Admin Management

Each LMS Admin Type has it's own management feature which allows for the assignment or removal of specific Users who are utilized to manage a particular LMS Admin Type. 

The system default LMS Admin Types which come delivered with the new Accord LMS are pre-configured to be able to access specific content and features. 

Adding a new User to any of the default LMS Admin Types grants these Users the identical preset permissions.

To access the LMS Admin Management Feature;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Teams tab.
  • Select the desired Team and click on the specific LMS Admin Type you wish to edit.
  • Select LMS Admin Management from menu.

The LMS ADMIN MANAGEMENT panel will display.

Initially it will contain zero Users.

Click Add New User.

In the MEMBER DETAILS panel, any fields with red asterisk are required.

Hovering a mouse over information icons will provide helpful information.

Only information within the top Add New User field is necessary to add a User.

Any information within the Edit Profile fields which follow are optional.

  • Authorize: Activate the User's permissions.
  • Notify: By checking this box, when adding a new User an email notification will be sent to the specific email address entered above.
  • Random Password: If this box is checked, a Random Password will be generated for this User. Optionally, you may create a custom password for this User in fields below.
  • Password: Create a password for the User which they will use to login to the LMS. This password is case sensitive.
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password in this field to confirm it was entered correctly.
  • Available Roles: Place a check in the box next to any specific Roles you want to initially assign to this User. Any available Roles which are listed here will be determined by the current Active Team.
  • CEU: These are the available types of Continuing Education Units which can be rewarded for any Users which may require various forms of annual certifications and competencies.
  • Click Add New User near bottom to create the new User account.  

After clicking Add New User the page will refresh, returning you to the LMS ADMIN MANAGEMENT panel where the new User account will list alphabetically.

Directly from this panel, by utilizing the 5 icons situated to the left of the username, you may conveniently;

  • Edit: Edit a User's profile or permissions.
  • Manage Roles: Edit a User's Learning Roles.
  • Modify Learner Status: Modify a User's Learner Status.
  • Modify Admin Type: Modify a User's LMS Admin Type.
  • User Enrollment: Edit a User's Enrollment status.
  • Authorized: Authorize or un-authorize a User from here. 
  • Merge Users: On occasion, a certain User maybe entered into the LMS system more than once. Clicking on Merge Users will allow these different profiles for the same User to be merged together under a single profile.

Click on Return to go back to the Teams tab.