Team Access Codes

Access Codes are similar to RSVP codes except that they support a many-to-many relationship with Learning Roles and can also specify a Team Membership.

After their configuration and creation, Access Codes can be submitted to grant Learners (or possibly LMS Administrators) any number of Learning Roles (both local to the portal that hosts the master LMS Administration Module/Catalog and on any other portal in the DNN installation).  Access Codes can be used to grant Team Membership which comes into play with larger hierarchical training structures. If a user is assigned a Learning Role on a different portal, their user account will be validated for that portal as well.

To add, view or edit a Team's Access Codes:

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Select the Teams tab.
  • Click on the desired Team to open it's context menu.
  • Select Team Access Codes from the menu.

The Team Access Codes panel displays. 

Initially, the Access Codes List will be empty and ready for you to create any needed Access Codes.

Add a New Access Code

  • Click Add New Access Code.
Add New Access Code

The Access Code details panel will display.

  • Access Code Name:  Input Access Code Name in this field.
  • Access Code:  Enter the new Access code here.
  • Active:  Check the box to activate the access code. Un-check the box to deactivate the access code.
  • Description:  Enter a description to help identify this Access Code.
  • Owner:  This will display the Team to which this Access Code Applies.
  • Team Learner:  Check Add if you want the user that submits the Access Code to be included as a Learner of this Team. Check Drop to drop the Learner from this team when submitting this Access Code. Use Ignore to bypass Team Membership.
  • LMS Admin Types: All the Admin Types available to the Team will be listed here. You may choose to grant any of the Admin Type privileges to a user who submits the access code. You may also remove Admin Type privileges from a user who submits the access code by selecting Drop. Select Ignore if you intend not to grant or remove any LMS Admin Type privileges.
  • Local Learning Roles:  Select which Learning Roles will be assigned with this Access Code. Only Roles associated with the current Team will display.

Role Assignments:  These options available in the drop-down menu will be applied to the Local Learning Roles selected.

  • Add if New: If any of the Roles selected is New to a Learner, it will be added. If the Learner already has this Role, no action is taken.
  • Add or Refresh: If the Learner does not have the Learning Role, it will be added. If the Learner already has the Learning Role, it will be updated. This feature is typically used in cases of Course Renewal.
  • Expire: This will force the expiration of the Learning Roles selected. This option will override the expiration dates that any Learning Roles may already possess.
  • Delete: Use this option to delete the selected Learning Roles from those users who currently possess them.

  • Notify Users: Check this box to send notifications to users if they were assigned Learning Roles, Team Memberships or any LMS Admin Type privileges.
  • Admin Notification Addresses: Input the email addresses for the Admins who should be notified whenever an Access Code has been submitted.
  • Version History: Shows the Version History of Access Codes updates. It will initially be blank until an Access Code has been created.

Utilization and Expiration

Utilization and Expiration
  • Utilization Limit: This will limit how many times a particular Access Code may be used. Once the limit is reached, the Access Code will stop working until the limit has either been increased or reset.
  • Create Unique: This will create a unique Access Code that may only be used one time.
  • Utilization Threshold Notifications: This will send notifications when the Utilization Limit has been reached.
  • Start Date: Set a Start Date for when an Access Code should activate.
  • End Date: Set an End Date for when an Access Code should deactivate.
  • Expiration Threshold Notifications: This will send notifications when an Access Code has expired.

Once all your values are set:

  • Click Update to create the new Access Code.

The new Access Code will then be listed in the Access Code List.

The Access Code List shows Access Codes for the Selected Team and All child teams. Access Codes can only be edited by the Team LMS Admin that created them.

Access Code Utilization

When an Access Code is used, a Utilization List is generated that provides LMS Admin the ability to keep track of Access Code usage. This list can be obtained by accessing the edit feature.

  • Click the pencil icon.
  • Click on the Utilization and Expiration heading to open this panel.
  • In Tracking and Utilization, click the Download Code and Utilization List. This will generate a comma delimited file that you can download to your PC.
  • Click Return to go back to the Team Access Code list.