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Searching for Learning Content within the Catalog

Finding Learning Content

Once your Catalog is populated with your various forms of Learning Elements, the on-page search function makes them easy to locate.

What are your current Search Settings?

To ensure you can easily locate the learning content you're looking for, it might be advisable to first check how your search settings are established within Configuration.

To check present Search Settings; 

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should more than one Active Team exist.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Configuration tab.
  • Click on General Options.

Once the page refreshes, inside General Options scroll to the heading for Search and click to open.

You will see check boxes next to Index Title, Index Tags, Index Description and Index Body

Please understand, the search function indexes for terms related to Learning Elements or learning content, not the hierarchical storage Folders they might be contained within.

For common search functionality, it is typically recommended to check boxes for Index Title, Index Tags and Index Description. This allows search results to display any folders having your desired search term contained within a Learning Element's Title, Tags or Description.

Checking the box for Index Body typically provides search results which are far too broad.

Should you desire to search for a Learning element's Title only, check only the box for Index Title.

  • After establishing your desired search settings, scroll near bottom and click Update.  

Note; depending on your particular Accord LMS and the volume of re-indexing which needs to be performed, the re-indexing process may take several seconds.


To locate desired Learning Elements associated with a given term;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should more than one Active Team exist.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Catalog tab.
  • Click on the round blue Magnifying Glass icon to open the Catalog search field.

Enter a selected term into the search field which you're looking for and click the blue Magnifying Glass icon or hit Enter on your keyboard to begin the index search.

Once the search function runs and the page refreshes, any Folders which contain any Learning Elements associated with your entered search term will display.

Click on the arrows next to the displayed Folders to see their contained Learning Elements which have your search term.

Partial Search Terms

In the event you might only know a partial spelling or only a portion of a word your searching for, type what you know into the search bar followed by an asterisk, also called a wildcard.

  • Click on the Magnifying Glass or hit Enter on your keyboard to initiate the search function.