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Learner Steps Necessary to be Proctored

Proctoring on the Accord LMS

An authorized third-party named Integrity Advocate manages online proctored tests for Accord LMS. 

This article describes the few steps necessary for your Learners to take an online proctored activity. 

What will the Learner Need?

The only item necessary for a Learner to take a proctored exam is a government issued photo ID.

The Learner Experience

Just below are the easy quick steps a Learner will take in order to sit for a proctored activity.

Learner Login

The Learner will login to the LMS and select the Learning Element to be proctored.

Upon starting this Learning Element, Integrity Advocate will access the Learner’s webcam while temporarily obscuring access to the activity.

Learner Submits Photo ID

Integrity Advocate will prompt Learner for a government issued photo ID.

This photo is processed and compared to any previously verified session for this User. 

If a facial comparison match is verified, the Learner's new session will be linked with the previously verified session.

The name text on the government photo ID is compared with the name attached to the session. If a facial match is made and the Learner's name also matches, notes are linked with the Learner's session, documenting the verified match. 

If everything checks-out properly, the Learner is prompted to the next step.

Learner Activity Begins while Learner is Monitored

Learner Monitoring (if applicable): The Integrity Advocate interface informs the Learner that their session is being monitored and allows them to minimize the Integrity Advocate interface. When minimized, the interface transitions to a ‘chat head’ style which can be repositioned on the Learner's screen as to not interfere with the host activity.

The Integrity Advocate interface can be re-opened by clicking on the ‘chat head’.

Throughout this stage the Learner's face is visually tracked by Integrity Advocate. 

If the Learner leaves the view of the camera they will be prompted to return at 5 minutes. If they fail to respond, the Integrity Advocate session will end. Should this occur, the Learner will remain on their activity page but are no longer being monitored.

If and when the Learner completes the activity, the Integrity Advocate session will end.

Overall the Learner proctoring process is uncomplicated.