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Details for Learning Catalog Folders

The Accord LMS Learning Catalog contains your organization's various forms of learning content. 

The Learning Catalog is setup into hierarchical digital storage folders. 

You have the option of implementing various types of storage folders such as Folders, Organizational Folders, Learning Paths or Courses; each type of which may maintain slightly varying best usages or features but all of which are fundamentally digital storage folders.  

A given storage folder’s properties are set up within the Details panel when creating new Catalog folders or updating existing Catalog folders. 

These various details will include a folder’s title as well as an auto-assigned Folder ID.

The example below illustrates accessing Folder Details. Use this same process for Learning Paths, Organizational Folders or Courses

To access Folder Details;

  • Go to the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Catalog tab.
  • Click on the desired Folder to open it's context menu.
  •  Click on Folder Details.

The Folder Details panel will open.

*Information Icons; Mouse over information icons to see helpful tips.

  • General Settings; enter or modify the folder’s name. Add a description or other associated information within the description field.
  • Advanced Settings; by clicking on and opening the Advanced Settings section, you may specify the exact Folder Type you desire by using the associated dropdown menu, establish an optional custom folder icon or peruse the Local ID and Folder ID. You have the option of adding administrative references within the two available reference fields. By right clicking on the link next to Folder Access which reads 'Open Folder', you can copy the specific digital link for this folder which can be sent to specific Learners or Users via email. This digital link will allow them to quickly open and access this exact folder to access it's learning content.
  • Scoring; by clicking on and opening the Scoring section you can setup your scoring preferences for this folder.

Click Update to save any entries or changes.

If choosing to review only, simply click Cancel to exit.