User Registration

Learners may be required to register for membership in the Accord LMS. This chapter provides some basic instructions for submitting your registration information to the System Administrator.

  • Open your browser and type the path to your Accord LMS portal page in the address line.
  • Click the Register link.  
  • The User Registration page displays.
  • Complete all the required fields and any other optional information your administrator may have requested.
  • Click the Register link to submit your registration information. Click Cancel to cancel the registration.
  • Once registered, you will have four different ways to gain access to the LMS portal which will include:
    • Immediate Access: All you have to do is register.
    • Authorized: After you register, you will receive an authorization email which validates the email address provided during registration.
    • Private: After you register, an LMS Admin will review and approve your submission. If accepted, you will receive an authorization email which then allows you to log in.
    • Account creation by an LMS Admin: You will not have to register; this will be done for you.