Moving and Copying Teams

On occasion an LMS Admin may decide to either copy or move an existing Team.

Moving and/or Copying Teams can be accomplished in two different manners which will be demonstrated here.

Please understand that any special LMS Admin permissions for any Team which is moved under a new Parent Team may be affected depending on the established permissions of it's new Parent Team.

In order to Move or Copy a Team;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Teams tab.
  • Clicking on the arrow next to a given Team will allow it to expand, displaying any existing LMS Admin Types for this Team or any existing Child Teams.

Move a Team by the Dragging and Dropping Method

Very similar to any hierarchical storage folder structure, an existing Team may be moved to a new location within the hierarchical structure by clicking on the desired Team, holding down the mouse button and then dragging it and dropping it under a different Team.

Move Team by Context Menu Method

Click on the Team you wish to move to open it's context menu.

  • Select Team Details from the menu.

The Team Details panel will open.

  • Use the dropdown menu next to Parent Team to select the new Parent Team.
  • After making your selection click Update.

Important Note; any Child Teams under a same Parent Team cannot have the same name.

Make Copy of Existing Team

Copying a Team will simultaneously copy any of it's existing subordinate Child Teams.

Should you choose to make a copy of an existing Team;

  • Click on the Team you wish to copy to open it's context menu.
  • Select Team Details from the menu.
  • Two different Teams under the same Parent Team cannot maintain the same name. Place a new name for the Team in the Team Name field.
  •  Select the desired Parent Team for your new copied Team.
  • Click Copy.

After returning to the Teams tab, refresh the page and the new copied Team will now exist under it's assigned Parent Team.