You will need a web browser in order to log into your company’s Accord LMS. The Accord LMS supports single login functionality so if you log into your network, it may not be necessary to log in again to the LMS.

Before you can access the LMS Administration Module, your System Administrator should provide you with the following information:

  • The web address to your company’s Accord LMS portal (home) page.
  • Your LMS Admin User Name and Password (you may need to register first).
  • Any related license information.

To log into your Accord LMS:

  • Access your Accord LMS training portal.
  • Click the Login link to display the login page. The Login link is usually located in the upper right corner of each page.
  • On the login page:
  • Type your Username in the field provided.
  • Type your Password in the field provided.
  • Click the Login button.

After you log in, access the LMS Administration Module. In many cases you will see an LMS Admin link displayed which you can click to access the LMS Administration Module.