Teams - Introduction

Learners can be imported to the Accord LMS in many different ways including; registration, creating a new Learner record, bulk import, Active Directory, and Single Sign On. Assignment of Learning Roles to Learners can be done concurrently with all of the import processes. In addition, Learners can be assigned Learning Roles via; bulk Team assignment, bulk Role Assignment, Role award, eCommerce, Access Codes and form submission. Once Learners are assigned to Learning Roles they will have access to all of the Learning Content that has been Enrolled to those Roles.

Many of the Learner Import and Learning Role Assignment features are available from the LMS Admin > Teams user interface.

  • Navigate to the LMS Admin;
  • Click/Tap on the Teams tab.

Some of the Learner Import and Assignment features are available here.

  • Click on Learners to open the context menu.

This drop down context menu allows access to various functions which may include; Learner Management, Learner Notifications, Bulk Learning Role Assignment, Bulk Team Assignment, Bulk Learner Import and Bulk Learner Import-FTP & Reports.