Teams - Introduction

Learners can be imported to the Accord LMS in a variety of ways to include; Registration, creating a new Learner Profile, Bulk Import, Active Directory and Single Sign On.

Assignment of Learning Roles to Learners can be done concurrently with various import processes. In addition, Learners can be assigned to Learning Roles via; Bulk Team Assignment, Bulk Role Assignment, Role Award, eCommerce, Access Codes and Form Submission

Once Learners are assigned to Learning Roles they will be granted access to all of the Learning Content which has been Enrolled to these particular Roles.

Much of the Learner Import and Learning Role Assignment features are available from the LMS Admin > Teams user interface.

To access the Teams tab;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected by using the associated dropdown menu; should more than one Active Team exist.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Teams tab.

Some of the Learner Import and Assignment features are available here inside the Teams tab.

Please understand that each individual Team has their own Learners module.

  • Click on Learners for the desired Team to open it's context menu.

After clicking on Learners the context menu below will display which will allow you to access various features such as; Learner Management, Learner Notifications, Bulk Learning Role Assignment, Bulk Team Assignment, Bulk Learner Import and Bulk Learner Import-FTP & Reports.