Create Learning Roles

In order to be able to assign Learners specific types of Learning Elements, you must first create Learning Roles.

Once you've created Roles you may Enroll specific Learning Elements into those Roles.

As soon as you have your designated Learning Roles with include their associated Learning Elements, you may assign Learners to these Roles. This will allow them access to the Learning Elements within those Roles.

To Create Roles;

  • Ensure the proper Active Team team is selected by using the associated dropdown menu; should more than one Active Team exist.
  • Click on the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Roles tab.
  • Click on Add New Role.

The Roles Detail panel will open.

Information Icons: Hovering mouse over information icons displays helpful tips.

  • Role Name: Type in a name for the Role.
  • Description: (Optional) Enter a summary description for the Role.
  • Role Group Name: Using the associated dropdown list, select a parent Role Group for the new learning Role. Groups displaying on this dropdown list are determined by the selected Active Team.
  • Include Social Group: Include Social Groups if you want to provide Role members with their own Social Group. When checking box for Include Social Group, it places the Role into a Mixed Mode. Leaving the box unchecked places the Role under Security Mode.
  • LE Tracking Options: Using the associated dropdown list, select what Report Filters should have any Attempts recorded by default.

Track All Attempts: Will track all attempts.

Track All Attempts until Completed: Will track all attempts until any assigned Learning Elements (LE) are completed.

  • Delete: Clicking delete with delete this Role.
  • Members: Click Refresh to reset any associated members with any updated Role details.
  • Expire: Click to immediately expire Role. Role may be reactivated by clicking Update.

Click Update to save any changes.

Click Return to go back to the Roles Tab.

The Role name will now display within the list as exampled below.

For more information and a comprehensive review of Learning Roles, please go to: LMS Admin Guide - Roles.

For more information and a comprehensive review of My Team features, please go to: LMS Admin Guide - Teams.