Getting Started

The information which follows will explain how to setup an Accord LMS portal so that you may provide specific training content to various groups of Learners.

This short guide briefly covers some of the most basic functionalities of the Accord LMS Learning Management System to allow administrators to get started relatively easily with some of the more basic straightforward features of the system.

For more comprehensive detailed information on any aspect of the Accord LMS please refer to the larger LMS Admin Guide.

This quick guide will teach you how to;

  • Build and populate a Learning Content Catalog
  • Create Learning Roles that will link groups of Learners to specific types of Learning Content.
  • Enroll your Learning Content to those Learning Roles
  • Enter or Import your Learners
  • Assign your Learners to respective Learning Roles to allow them access to Learning Elements.

Learner is a general term for a registered portal user who utilizes LMS content.

LMS Admins are ranking users who maintain authorized LMS Administrative permissions. 

Unless otherwise noted, this documentation is specifically intended for LMS Admins.


  • A standard turnkey Accord LMS portal.
  • A User account with full LMS Admin permissions.
  • All materials and information as outlined in the Evaluation Portal Provisions document.
  • Please contact your Accord LMS salesperson if you have any questions.

More Information

The documentation in the links below provide additional information.